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Invigorating Exhaustion

Quickly becoming the motto of this summer’s activities, I find myself sometimes tired but excited at the end of my days. This past week certainly met the bill of this motto. As if a constant friend when the House finds itself in session, busyness can reach into much of the waking hours of the week. From the floors votes to the committee hearing to increased constituent phone calls, being in session increase the busyness of everyone associated with the House. Additionally, it is also during session that some of the best opportunities for interns arise. For me, one such opportunity came Tuesday evening when David Barton, President and Founder of Wallbuilders gave an exclusive evening tour of the Capitol. For those not familiar with Mr. Barton, the uniqueness of his tours arise from his unparalleled knowledge of the spiritual heritage of our nation and its founders. I furiously took down notes as hours breezed by like minutes. With the tour concluding on the floor of the House itself, my excitement rivaled that of a six year old hearing the passing of a neighborhood ice-cream truck. I pray I always maintain that sense of excitement and joy.

The rest of the week provided more opportunities for excitement as I attended hearings and sat in on a bill mark-up session. I also found myself given one of my first direct assignments from the Congressman himself. Though probably a small task in the overall scheme of things, I attended to it with great diligences with the belief that excellences often begets more assignments. 

While the weekend often provide a refuge from the week’s busyness, the House can permeate this barrier with a simple request. For me, the request came when I was asked to drive the Congressman on a few weekend events. Ecstatic to receive such a request, my Saturday morning plans of sleeping in late were quickly substituted with a packed agenda beginning for me at 4:35 a.m. 

As the days demand more and more, I find myself filled with a deep sense of excitement. My efforts this summer do not represent the labors of filling a resume, though helps with that. My efforts do not represent an attempt to find future employment though it could open future doors. My efforts represent a deep desire to impact the course of a nation. As the writer of Psalm 42 wrote, “Deep calls out to deep.” With every step, I find myself walking out a deep calling to serve others. And through tiring myself each day I find myself reinvigorated anew. 

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